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Replacement Fuel Pump Precautions
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      Any work in the fuel supply system must be carried out by skilled personnel only. Compliance with all the safety .rules and environmental protection rules according to your local laws is strongly recommended

Ensure no voltage is present in the pump circuit by removing the ground     cable connection from the battery.

Follow the correct circuit polarity to avoid pump damages.

Always clean carefully the tank and the fuel hoses: dirt is the main failure cause of recently replaced fuel pumps.

Never install a new pump without its filter, always replace the old filter; in case of defect claim for guarantee replacement, the fuel pump must be delivered back together with its filter.

In-line pumps must always be installed below the tank level: the fuel has to reach the pump inlet by simple drop, otherwise the pump becomes overheated.

In case of in-tank units, remember to remove the air from the fuel supply circuit. To this purpose, turn on shortly the pump unit until the fuel comes out from the return hose and, at this moment, shut off the pump and close the fuel circuit by re-connecting the return hose to the relevant unit cover inlet.

Check the in-tank unit cover fittings for leakages and ensure that any cover marking (if present) is corresponding to the relevant position marking when the cover is fitted back into its location.

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